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Sun Engineering is a full-service engineering consulting firm specializing in the energy industry and serving a variety of clients, ranging from oil and gas and renewable energy companies to public utilities and industrial/manufacturing plants. With more than 2,800 diverse projects completed in 17 states and zero lost days, we have a proven track record of meeting our clients' needs.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Overview



We have completed a wide range of projects for the oil and gas pipeline industry, from preliminary engineering through detailed design, procurement, permitting support, construction field engineering support and commissioning assistance. Our project experience includes:

      • New Pipeline Facilities
      • Pipeline Relocation or Replacement
      • New Pipeline Block/Isolation Valves
      • Existing Pipeline Valve Stations Upgrade or Replacement
      • Pipeline Connections, Valve Manifolds
      • Pipeline Metering, Prover and Instrumentation
      • Pig Launchers and Receivers
      • DRA Injection
      • Mainline Pump Stations and Booster Pump Stations
      • Hydraulic Study
      • Surge Analysis
      • Hydrostatic Testing Support
      • Pipeline Safety Enhancement
      • Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM)
      • Pipeline Automation and SCADA
      • Pipeline DOT Documentation
      • Permitting assistance
      • Cathodic Protection Monitoring Systems

Storage and Distribution Terminals

Storage and Distribution Terminals

Sun Engineering has completed hundreds of diversified projects for petrochemical storage, marketing and distribution terminals since 1988. These projects range from small terminal modifications to large grass-roots terminals.

Our clients include major energy corporations in the U.S. and we have provided them with a wide range of services, including feasibility studies, cost estimating through detailed engineering design, procurement, permitting, construction field engineering support, start-up and commissioning.

Project Experience:

      • Grass-Roots Terminals
      • Major Terminal Expansions and Upgrades
      • Minor Terminal Modifications
      • Marine Terminals
      • Demolition
      • Equipment Upgrades
      • Regulatory Compliance
      • Safety Compliance
      • Environmental Compliance

 Project Types:

Feasibility Studies

Storage tanks

Tank gauging system

Truck loading/ off-loading facilities

Rail car unloading facilities

Ship or barge loading/off-loading

Pipeline receiving systems

Pumping system to the pipelines

Security systems

CCTV systems

Terminal Automation System (TMS)

SCADA systems

Transfer systems

Transmix systems

Piping manifoldsy

Ethanol offload, storage & blending

Biodiesel offload, storage & blending


Vapor recovery and burner systems

Metering facilities

Fire protection systems

Control buildings

Electrical substations

Emergency on-site power generation

BOL Building, Powerhouse

Plant fiber optics communication

Wireless broadbandSavage Services


Systems Integration

Wireless Mesh Network (WMN)



Sun Engineering has completed many projects for oil refineries in California, including:


• Sulfur Plant Improvements

• Acid Plant Sulfur Vapor Recovery Upgrade

• North Fuel Gas Header

• 8" jump over to H2S Header - Unit 138

• Combustor Tower Stretford Absorber Cleaning Systems

• Chloride Injection Facilities Units 80/100

• Sulfur Plant Redundant H2S Header

• FCC WG Compressor L.O. Tank & Pump Station

• Chloride Injection Phase 2

• Unifining ISBL Fuel Gas Header Filter Coalescers

• Unit 138 Instrument Air

• Cathodic Protection Rectifiers

• Selenium Pumps Replacement

•Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) Platform, Unit 152

• Pressure Relief Valve Walkdown

• Tanks 61/62 to Pumps G-1999 &G-2000

• Jet to LAX Via TK61/62 To P-1999/2000

• Caustic Soda Storage System Upgrading


• API Skimming Systems

• Storm Water Pond Drainage Improvement

• Underground Piping Documentation

• Sample Station Installation at C4/C5 Loading Facilities

• Maximize UCO Rundown Tank Storage

• Ethanol Storage & Handling System Project

• Natural Gas Compressor Study

• Instrumentation System Upgrade Design Phase 1

• Line Reversal Project

• Meter Run Improvements

• Pump House Control Room PLC

• Reformer CCR - AB PLC Interface to Honeywell DCS

• Akly Acid Pipe Replacement Construction Cost Estimate

• Pressure Relief Valve Walk Down

• Install Double Block & Bleeds on Various Lines at U89

• P&ID Walk Down

• PSM As-built and Update Documentation

• Metering Facilities

• Crude Supply Receiving Facilities

• Fire Water System

• Water Well Pump Electrical

• Tanks Secondary Containment Concept Engineering Study

• Deep Water Well Transfer System

• Improve Corrosion Monitoring in DU-5 Overhead System

• Underground Piping Documentation

• Refinery Crude Tank Farm Electrical Upgrade

• Boiler Area Condensate Recovery

• 12 KV/2.4 KV Electrical Upgrade Conceptual Engineering

• Crash Barrier

• Unit Instrument Air Piping Design

• Natural Gas Compressor Detailed Engineering

• Cogeneration Facility Control System

• Substation No. 1 PLC

• Gasoline Blender Detail Engineering

• Heater Control PLC

• Refinery Electrical Engineering Support Services

• Analyzer Electrical & Instrument Design

• Compressor 60-C-2A/B Motor RTDs

• Asphalt Plant Laboratory Electrical Compliance

• CADWorx Standardization & Material Spec. Development

• 1500 KW On-Site Emergency Power Generation

• Various Instrumentation & Control Projects

Production Facilities

Production Facilities

Sun Engineering provides full engineering services (multi-discipline) for oil and gas facilities, from scope development, cost estimates throughout detailed engineering design, procurement, permitting, construction support, start-up and commission assistance.

 Project Types:

Conceptual Sizing & Plant Design

Oil/Water Separation Facility Design

Gas conditioning studies

Gas injection plant design

Produced Water Injection Facilities

Vapor Recovery Systems

Flaring & Thermal Oxidizers

Oil Dehydration Heater

Heater Treater Retrofit


Produced Gas Conditioning

Removal of H2S & other contaminants

Sales Quality Conditioning & De-watering

Mainline Gas Compression

Co-generation & Power Productiont

Energy Recovery Project

Energy Efficiency Projects

Innovative Well Cellar Piping Design

Precast Well Cellar

Storage Tanks


Transfer Systems

Securitiy Systems

Pumping Facilities

CCTV Systems

Offshore & Onshore Fire Protection Systemss

Control Buildings

Electrical Substation

Emergency on-site power generation

Plant fiber options communication

Wireless Broadband


Systems Integration

Permitting assistance & environmental support

API 14C audits

Pump Stations

Pump Stations

Sun Engineering has completed a large number of pump station projects for the energy industry since 1988. These projects range from small station modifications to large grass-roots pump stations. We have designed many large pump stations with up to 10,000 HP pumping capacity; some are equipped with 2,500 HP variable speed drive units for various flow rates and energy efficiency. We have also designed power transmission lines and substations for remote pump stations.

Scope of Services:
Sun Engineering provides full engineering services (multi-disciplines) for petrochemical pump stations, from feasibility studies, cost estimating through detailed engineering design, procurement, permitting, construction support, start-up and commissioning. Additionally, Sun provides on-going services during the Pipeline Pump Station operations including on-call technical support for Control Automation & communications, SCADA systems, trouble shooting, coordinating on-site repairs and start-up support for abnormal shutdown.

Project Experience:

      • Grass-Roots Pump Stations
      • Major Pump Station Expansions
      • Minor Pump Station Modifications
      • Equipment Upgrades
      • Demolition
      • Variable Frequency Drives
      • Substations and Power Distribution
      • Powerhouses with prefabricated switchgear/MCC
      • SCADA & Telecommunication

Project Locations (Partially):

Granite Point Station, AK

Westforeland Station, AK

Tucson Terminal, AZ

Phoenix Terminal, AZ

Yuma Station, AZ

Mokena Station, IL

El Paso Station, TX

Deming Station, NM

Las Vegas Terminal, NV

29 Palms Station, CA

Amorco Station, CA

Belridge Station, CA

Carson Terminal, CA

Carson Station, CA

Coalinga Station, CA

Colton Terminal, CA

Concord Station, CA

Continental Station, CA

Danby Pump Station, CA

East Hynes Terminal, CA

Fresno Terminal, CA

Industry Station, CA

Los Angeles Terminal, CA

Lebec Station, CA

Long Beach Station, CA

Midway Station, CA

Mormon Island Terminal, CA

Newhall Station, CA

Norwalk Station, CA

Ontatio Station, CA

Orange Terminal, CA

Piru Station, CA

Richmond Refinery, CA

Sacramento Station, CA

San Jose Terminal, CA

Stewart Station, CA

Marine Terminals

Marine Terminals

Sun Engineering has completed many diversified projects involving marine oil terminals. Our projects range from a small terminal modification to multimillion dollar terminal expansion or upgrades and a large grass roots terminal. Our services include preliminary engineering, detailed design, procurement, permitting, construction support, start-up and commissioning assistance.

Among our marine terminal projects:

      • Harbor Island Marine Terminal, Seattle, WA
      • Drift River Terminal, AK
      • Sand Island Terminal, Honolulu, HI
      • Anchorage Terminal, AK
      • Ferndale Terminal, WA
      • Mormon Island Terminal, CA
      • Martinez Terminal, CA (2 Clients)
      • Berth 121, Long Beach, CA
      • Marine Terminal 2, Long Beach, CA
      • Portland Terminal, OR
      • Southwest Marine Terminal 1, Wilmington, CA
      • Wilbridge Marine Terminal, OR
      • Tacoma Marine Terminal, WA
      • Los Angeles Marine Terminal, CA
      • Berth 118, Wilmington, CA
      • LA Harbor Terminal, CA
      • Richmond Terminal, CA
      • Sacramento Terminal, CA
      • Wilmington Marine Terminal, CA (3 Clients)
      • Selby Terminal, CA

These projects included ship or barge loading/unloading facilities, storage tanks farm, pumping facilities, pipelines, truck racks, metering, ship vapor recovery, fire protection, security, automation, SCADA systems, MOTEMS, etc.

Truck Loading/Off-Loading Facilities

Truck Loading/Off-Loading Facilities

Sun Engineering has performed a wide array of  engineering services  for petrochemical truck loading and off-loading facilities, from feasibility studies, detailed engineering design, procurement and permitting to construction support, commissioning and start-up assistance.

Our experience with loading/off-loading operations covers such materials as:

        • Crude oil, heated heavy crude oil
        • Gas oil, dark oil
        • Transmix products
        • Asphalt
        • Gasoline, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel
        • Neat ethanol, biodiesel
        • Blended finished products
        • Chemical products

Completed Project Locations:

Anchorage, AK

Sand Island-Oahu, HI

Barbers Point-Oahu, HI

Mandan, ND

Boise, ID

Burley, ID

Salt Lake City, UT

Reno, NV

Sparks, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Harbor Island, WA

Tacoma, WA

Eugene, OR

Portland, OR

Wilbridge, OR

El Paso, TX

Tucson, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Tacoma, WA

Mokena, IL

Knoxville, TN

Anaheim, CA

Bakersfield, CA

Bradshaw, CA

Vernon, CA

Wilmington, CA

Brisbane, CA

Carson, CA

Chico, CA

Coalinga, CA

Colton, CA

Crockett, CA

Fresno, CA

Imperial, CA

Kettleman, CA

Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Martinez, CA

Mission Valley, CA

Niland, CA

Orange, CA

Paramount, CA

Sacramento, CA

San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA

San Jose, CA

San Pedro, CA

Signal Hill, CA

Stockton, CA

Torrance, CA

Van Nuys, CA

Truck Loading/Off-Loading Facilities Truck Loading/Off-Loading Facilities
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