'Sun scoped-out, engineered and helped install the Cogen HMI system; they also provided training, start-up support and post start-up support. They did a very good job in all areas.' - Project Engineer, petroleum refinery in California

Operations & Maintenance Training

As part of the total project solution, we are routinely asked to provide training for plant Operations and Maintenance personnel. Our staff has gained hands-on experience conducting training sessions for those systems we engineer/design. We will prepare instructional materials and operation manuals for students attending the training. We include hands-on manipulation of equipment if applicable.

Electronic Interactive Simulations
We have added to our compliment of system integration services electronic interactive simulations. Functionality of the graphics display and the overall plant operation seen by the Operator on the Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen, are recorded with narration, text descriptions and learner interactions. A copy of the simulation tutorial is burned onto a CD for future use by our clients in training other in-house personnel.