Regarding Sun Engineering responsiveness, "When their services are needed, they are always very responsive; their response is generally better than expected." - Project Engineer, Petroleum Refinery in California

Higher Efficiency Standardization

Although we are a provider of engineered, customized solutions, there also exists within our practice areas, a certain amount of repetition. It is in these areas of repetition that Sun Engineering has identified opportunity to create standards for proven, tried and tested systems and methodologies. These standards encompass a broad range including standards for process systems, co-developed in some cases by Sun Engineering and our client, to in-house engineering/design and drafting standards. Standardization is an important part of the efficiency-based practice. Higher efficiency is also achieved through other operational programs at Sun Engineering, such as utilization of junior staff classifications. A conscious effort is made to staff projects at the most junior level possible, where the work can still be done competently, and to increase use of technology as a substitute for professional labor. Lower cost, reliability, and speed are the end result. These and other programs, aimed at higher efficiency, give Sun Engineering a competitive edge.