Biofuel Processing Plant and Storage Tanks

Lower Emission Fuel

Blending System Design

Renewable Energy

Sun Engineering has provided full engineering design services from feasibility studies, cost estimates, detailed engineering, design, permitting, procurement, construction support and start-up services for a wide range of renewable energy projects.

Solar Power

Our solar power experience began about 14 years ago when we designed a three component system: solar PV panels, a wind turbine and a battery system to power a remote telecommunication station in Alaska. Since then, along with advancements in Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies, and the country’s commitment to augment traditional power with solar energy, Sun Engineering has developed the knowledge base necessary to support development of these new infrastructures.

Recently, a major energy company selected Sun Engineering to provide engineering design for 3MW and 1MW solar power generation projects for two Los Angeles Community Colleges. Our scope includes complete engineering design of the electrical power systems from the solar panels to inverters, switchgear, transformers and tie-in with the existing 4160 volt campus power grid.

We can provide full engineering design services or a design-build solution as part of a consortium of companies we work with.

Wind Energy

Between now and the year 2030, communities, institutions, and commercial enterprises will invest in on-site renewable energy generation assets that can work in conjunction with their traditional source of power. State-of-the-art wind turbines are making it possible to harness wind energy without the need for large, open spaces, massive propellers, or the construction of large transmission lines. Whether you’re in this group of investors or a large utility scale wind farm developer, Sun Engineering can provide an economical engineering solution. We can provide electrical, mechanical, civil and structural engineering for smaller projects or a design-build solution as part of a consortium of companies we work with.


Sun Engineering has been involved in developing biodiesel facilities from the onset of new government regulation mandating biodiesel blending. Initially we were hired to prepare feasibility studies and cost estimates for biodiesel blending facilities in Oregon and Washington. We quickly became a technical leader by understanding the requirements for storing, pumping and measuring this unique product blend. Our terminal experience and knowledge of the technical issues from cold flow, custody transfer measurement, storage and safety, ultimately led to the award of larger projects; such as a $50MM biofuel facility in California.

Ethanol Blending

Sun Engineering has completed several Ethanol projects during the last nine (9) years, from feasibility studies and cost estimates throughout detailed engineering design, permitting, procurement and startup assistance on the west coast including Idaho and Hawaii.  Our experience includes Ethanol transportation, off-loading, storage, pumping, blending and custody transfer of the bulk products and blended products.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Refueling Stations

Over the past five (5) years, Sun Engineering has designed many alternative fueling stations for our clients. Our expertise includes designing the smaller time-fill stations to the larger fast-fill transit facilities. Technology and equipment available for compressed natural gas facilities must be carefully evaluated by engineers who are familiar with the emerging codes and standards.

Other Renewable Energy Technologies

Sun Engineering is working with other specialty firms who have developed cutting-edge processes in the Biomass and Biogas technologies. Sun Engineering can provide the detailed engineering portion or a design-build solution as part of a consortium of companies we work with.

Energy Efficiency

Sun Engineering has completed energy studies for major companies to obtain energy rebates from utility companies with some rebates well over $400k. We incorporate energy efficiency into the design of various systems in industrial facilities and manufacturing plants.

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