On the Flare Monitoring Project, "my experience dealing with Sun Engineering was very positive, they did a great job" - Electrical Engineer, petroleum refinery in California

3-D Model of A Fully Automated Refinery Gasoline Blender Designed by Sun Engineering

Gasoline Blender at The Fabrication Shop

Natural Gas Compressor Project - Sun Engineering Designed the Rebuild and Installation


Sun Engineering has completed many projects at six (6) major refineries in California.

We’ve worked on a broad range of projects:

  • North Fuel Gas Header
  • 8″ jump over to H2S Header – Unit 138
  • Acid Plant Sulfur Vapor Recovery Upgrade
  • Combustor Tower Stretford Absorber Cleaning Systems
  • Chloride Injection Facilities Units 80/100
  • Sulfur Plant Improvements
  • Sulfur Plant Redundant H2S Header
  • FCC WG Compressor L.O. Tank & Pump Station
  • Chloride Injection Phase 2
  • Unifining ISBL Fuel Gas Header Filter Coalescers
  • Cathodic Protection Rectifiers
  • Selenium Pumps Replacement
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) Platform, Unit 152
  • Pressure Relief Valve Walkdown
  • Tanks 61/62 to Pumps G-1999 &G-2000
  • Jet to LAX Via TK61/62 To P-1999/2000
  • Caustic Soda Storage System Upgrading
  • API Skimming Systems
  • Storm Water Pond Drainage Improvement
  • Underground Piping Documentation
  • Sample Station Installation at C4/C5 Loading Facilities
  • Maximize UCO Rundown Tank Storage
  • Akly Acid Pipe Replacement Construction Cost Estimate
  • Pressure Relief Valve Walk Down
  • Install Double Block & Bleeds on Various Lines at U89
  • Acid Pipe Line Design
  • Fire Water System
  • Water Well Pump Electrical
  • Tanks Secondary Containment Concept Engineering Study
  • Deep Water Well Transfer System
  • Improve Corrosion Monitoring in DU-5 Overhead System
  • Underground Piping Documentation
  • Refinery Crude Tank Farm Electrical Upgrade
  • Boiler Area Condensate Recovery
  • 12 KV/2.4 KV Electrical Upgrade Conceptual Engineering
  • Crash Barrier
  • Unit Instrument Air Piping Design
  • Vapor Recovery System Process Check Rate
  • Natural Gas Compressor Detailed Engineering
  • Cogeneration Facility
  • Substation No. 1 PLC
  • Gasoline Blender Detail Engineering
  • Heater Control PLC
  • Refinery Electrical Engineering Support Services
  • Analyzer Electrical & Instrument Design
  • Ethanol Storage & Handling System Project
  • Instrumentation System Upgrade Design Phase 1
  • Pump House Control Room PLC
  • Reformer CCR – AB PLC Interface to Honeywell DCS
  • Compressor 60-C-2A/B Motor RTDs
  • 1500 KW On-Site Emergency Power Generation

We offer the management expertise, flexibility and responsiveness of a medium size firm with the continuity of staff to ensure high quality service. Our current staff members have worked in refineries on a variety of project types and sizes from grass roots to smaller revamp upgrades on existing process units. We offer the full range of services including mechanical, civil, piping, electrical, control and automation disciplines.

Sun Engineering Services Offers:

  • Conceptual Planning
  • Feasibility Studies and Estimates
  • Engineering and Design Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Project Management
  • Automation and Control Systems
  • Construction Management
  • Plant Start-up and Commissioning

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