"During the construction phase, Sun Engineering managed the unusually stringent requirements well" - Refinery Pipeline Systems Manager

New 12" Gas Pipeline from SANTA MONICA to CULVER CITY, CA

Line 90 Full Gas Conversion - NEW MEXICO to LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA


Sun Engineering pipeline experience includes planning, engineering and designing new pipeline systems and modifying existing pipeline systems.
We’ve worked on a broad range of projects:

  • New 12″ gas pipeline from Santa Monica to Culver City, CA
  • 12″ & 10″ LS-41 Pipeline Relocation, San Jose CA
  • Relocation of 8″ Line, Salem OR
  • Relocation of a 6″ Pipeline, Reno NV
  • Reactivation of a Newly Acquired Black Oil Pipeline, CA
  • Reactivation of 12″ El Segundo/Watson Pipeline, CA
  • Upgrades to 16″ Jet Fuel Line, Port of Long Beach, CA
  • Connection with Longhorn Pipeline Company, El Paso TX
  • Line 35 Connection at East Hynes Terminal, Carson CA
  • M-55 Lost Hills Tie-in to Belridge Station, CA
  • M-146/EPTC Connection, Carson CA
  • 8″ Line 88 Expansion, CA
  • 16″ Line 90 Reversal Project, Cadiz to Los Angeles CA
  • Line 90 Full Gas Conversion, New Mexico to Long Beach CA
  • Line 91 Gas to Liquid Conversion, CA
  • Union Island Natural Gas Pipeline System, CA
  • Relocation of 16″ Line 90 in Anaheim Hills CA
  • 10″ San Jose Coyote Creek, CA (Directional Bore)
  • Santa Cruze River Crossing, CA (Directional Bore)
  • 8″/10″ Pipeline Along Existing Railroad Right of Way, CA
  • Inspection for 16″ pipeline from Pendleton to San Diego, CA
  • 24″ Line from Carson to Norwalk, CA
  • Mapping – Coalinga to Carneras, CA
  • Mapping – Olig to Carneras, CA
  • Mapping – 8M74/10M73, CA

Currently, our services include:

  • Mapping
  • Substructure research
  • Route selection and assessment of alternative routes
  • Permit acquisition
  • Installation methods
  • Cased crossings
  • Directional drilling
  • Cost estimating
  • Specification of pipeline materials and equipment
  • Preparation of construction specifications and bid packages
  • Completion of as-built drawings
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Hydrostatic testing

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