Various small projects at this material handling facility:

  • Conveyor Pack Engineering
  • Dry Bulk Loadout
  • Conveying System and System Support Design

Industrial Facilities

Sun Engineering staff have executed various types of projects in Industrial Facilties. We have provided pre-design, design and post-design engineering services to large and light industrial clients. We have experience in various industrial sectors to draw upon to create design teams made up of individuals from all major disciplines which are most suited to a particular project.

We’ve worked on a broad range of projects:

  • Interleaver Conveyor Extension
  • Lath Paper Process Upgrades
  • Maskant Building Parts Handling System
  • Finished Newspaper Conveying System
  • Designed Indexing Modification
  • Pastry Dough Preparation and Delivery
  • Sheet Steel Coating Oven System
  • Sheet Steel Wax Coating System
  • County Jail ‘ Movement Control System
  • New High Speed Bottle Line ‘ Monitoring and Reporting System
  • Newspaper Printing Press Power System
  • Mining Facilities On-site Power Generation Systems
  • Brewing Facilities Piping Systems
  • Wastewater Pump Station Upgrade
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Study
  • Water Facilities Upgrade
  • Pharmaceutical Plant Electrical Study

Our services include:

  • Specification of equipment and design of their anchorage when licensed engineers’ certification for building permits are needed.
  • Calculations, details, layouts, submittals to cities and follow-up, field trips and project supervision.
  • Experienced project management team can assume any or all levels of the total project requirements, depending upon client needs:
    • Vendor coordination
    • Quality assurance checks
    • Verification of compliance
    • Problem resolution
    • Coordinated scheduling
    • Timely reporting
    • Payment authorization
    • Critical path generation and analysis
    • On-site project management

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